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Search Engine Placement:

A high ranking on search engines can make the difference between being on the web and doing business on the web. Our search engine optimization service pushes your site into the top 10 for your keywords on most of the major search engines.

With our service, we provide a domain name that closely resembles your existing domain, incorporate your entire site into that domain, get it highly searchable for your keywords and your site receives all the newly generated traffic!

A typical site will see significant movement on Yahoo! and MSN in as little as two weeks. After a few months, it is not uncommon to be in the top 5 or even #1 for some or most of your keywords. Google typically takes a few months before significant movement is seen with better results coming from a narrower keyword focus and the relative popularity of your keywords (we'll help you figure all that out). Since most of the other search engines are variants of these three companies, once you're scoring high on these engines, you're also ranking high on the others.

Our methodology has definite advantages over the competition. Our virtual domain technique allows your existing site to benefit from increased traffic and search engine ranking while simultaneously creating it's own "natural" ranking independent of our service. Our technology also works great for sites that are primarily image or Flash based which are lacking in plain text copy that search engines use to rank your key word relevance.

CALL 00963-11-2130145.

Search Engine Optmization & Placement Service

Each plan includes:

Top 10 ranking on your keywords
Configuration of keywords, site description and secondary keywords.
Assistance with keyword research
Ranking reports every 3 - 4 weeks


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