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About IT Horizon ( Informatics Technology Horizon ).

Greeting, Its our pleasure to introduce our company IT Horizon ( IT.H ) profile for your kind attention. We hope after this introduction, your esteemed agency can appreciate and utilize our good services.
Founded in 1995, is one of a new breed of hi-tech service companies formed by professional computer engineers.
( IT.H ) focus is to provide computer users all over Syria with a service that few, if any ,can match with such. Our existing clients vouch for this.
This introductory offer for network installation & cabling and preventive & corrective maintenance will ensure the proper functioning of your networking and existing computer system and their peripherals i.e. PC's, Dot Matrix Printers, Laser Printers, Scanner, UPSs....




Informatic Technology Horizon
P.O Box: 13269
Damascus - Syria




+ ( 963 11 ) 213 01 45
+ ( 963 11 ) 232 19 15


+ ( 963 11 ) 231 56 98

    Electronic Address:

Preventive Maintenance
Software Development
Website Development
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30 Personnel

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Operations and sales offices are under control of Damascus office.


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