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Maintenance Services


•  Our company undertakes officially the complete maintenance works during the annual maintenance contracts which include the maintenance of all machines, printers and networks (in order to solve screens problems, feeding units, drives and main panels . etc.

•  To solve the problems of programs (windows, office, e-mail & internet).

•  To meet the needs of subscriber upon any defect in the machine included in the contract within two hours maximum.

•  In case of the necessity to replace any part in the machine, the replacement would be as per the current price of the part, and it would be in cash according to a separate invoice, taking into consideration that the installation of parts would be free of charge.

•  In case of any defect in (screen, key board, mouse ect. ), it would be replaced by our company until being repaired.

•  We shall number the machines available in the company and write the information of each machine in a special files in order to organize and monitor the periodical maintenance.

•  We shall train the our client's employees in case they are in need for some directions in the followings fields (windows, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Microsoft office, internet and e-mail).

•  We shall escort all the developments in the field of programs, machines and to evaluate the possibility of its application.

•  This agreement shall commence as of the date of sign and it would be automatically renewed annually unless any party notifies the other party of his intention not to renew it, such notification should be 30 days prior of termination maximum.



    A review on maintenance cadre

•  Networks and systems engineer approved by Microsoft company "MCSE ENG. "

•  System director approved by Microsoft Company MCSA (Network Administrator).

•  Programmer and databases director approved by Microsoft Company.

•  MCDBA (Database Administrator).

•  (MCP Microsoft Certified Professional).


Maintenance Clients

If you have any question or need consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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