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E-Commerce Solutions / Online Shopping Carts:

The internet provides an opportunity to reach customers beyond all geographic boundaries, and selling products online continues to be the fastest growing segment of the overall retail market. IT Horizon Design will build you a complete ecommerce website, from catalog management, complete shopping cart integration, order tracking and integration with many different electronic payment solutions.

Technical Features
1. PHP & MySQL web development.
2. Built to run on both IIS or Linux servers.
3. Database based cart from start to finish.
4. SSL 128-bit encryption to ensure your customers transactions are protected.

Catalog and Products
1. Unlimited number of products, and categories.
2. Auto generated thumbnails from product images.
3. Easily create new product categories.
4. Link products to multiple categories within your catalog.
5. Search catalog by categories, product names, keywords.
6. Auto-generated emails when a purchase has been made.

Administrative Functions
1. Easily manage products, categories, invoices, shipping and sales tax information.
2. View invoices (captured, shipped or voided) via our calendar interface.
3. Upload product images from your browser to your web server.
4. Assign shipping methods for the U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories & International.
5. Assign sales tax to each U.S. state.
6. Manage shipping costs by the carts total price or weight range.
7. Void & complete transactions.
8. Auto-generated emails when an item has been shipped.


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