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Website Content Managers:

The greatest frustration with owning a website is making changes. Business evolves so rapidly you need the ability to update your website's content easily and quickly. You also want to reduce your maintenance costs by being able to manage these updates yourself.

Website content managers allow our clients the ability to update the information on their websites without having to learn any programming and without our assistance. We believe you should be as coder-independent as possible, so we strive to identify areas of your website that will change the most and create website content managers for you to make those changes yourself.

The diversity of website content managers allows them to applied to virtually any project.

Newsletters and Press Releases
Create your own online newsletters and press releases that are automatically posted on your website. Display only the current newsletters while allowing past ones to be archived. Also allows for images to be easily added and edited.

Online Catalogs
Add products to your site in real time through a simple, secured web interface. Thumbnails are automatically generated with the ability to enlarge the images. Catalogs can be incorporated seemlessly into shopping carts and ecommerce solutions

Photo Galleries
Easily upload and delete images to and from your own online photo gallery. Features include automatic resizing of images and dynamically created thumbnails. Easily create new galleries instantly available to visitors on your site.

Staff Members and Information
Add and edit staff members quickly and easily. Enter short bios, images, phone numbers and email addresses all through our web interface.

Informational Pages
Have HTML page content that changes on a regular basis? Our website content managers can be applied to virtually any page on your site allowing them to be easily updated and maintained. Add the ability for content to be approved by senior staff members before the content is moved to the site or have it update instantly.


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